• We offer cheap, affordable and reliable means of transportation and livelihood to Kenyans


Makindu Motors Ltd is a dealer in importing, assembling and selling of motorbikes accessories, cars, buses, tractors, trucks etc. Incepted and incorporated ten years ago, the company has gradually grown from a small motorbike shop to mega one stop shop now dealing in various forms of automobile. Makindu motors Ltd is local company in Kenya with the head office in Makindu Town, Makueni county on your way to Mombasa 190km from Nairobi.

Genesis and the Ten Years Exodus

Makindu Motors Ltd was incepted in 2002 as a small company dealing with consumables and cheap household ware. After one year the company ventured in motorbike’s industry an industry that was largely dominated y Japanese and Indian make motorbikes in Kenya. Makindu Motors Ltd began importing in small quantities motorbikes from China. The market did not accept the China brand easily as the Japanese and Indian motorbikes were more popular then. However, this did not deter the mission of Makindu motors Ltd, rather the zeal to even exploit more market for the Chinese brand motor bikes.


Makindu Motors Ltd has deployed over 250 qualified personnel directly and more than 1 million indirectly through the boda-boda sector. Therefore the company is assisting the government in achieving its 2030 vision, that is the millennium Development Goals, by employing over 1.2 million people both directly and indirectly.
Today, the company has established branches in almost all the towns in Kenya. It is with great pride that Makindu Motors Ltd associates with 22 Branches and looking forward to establishing other branches in Uganda, and southern Sudan.

Mission Statement

To offer cheap, affordable and reliable means of transportation and livelihood to Kenyans and her neighbours; as a tool to fight poverty and improve the living standards.

Vision Statement

To be the best and the most preferred motor company in Kenya and the larger Eastern and Central Africa Region.

Our Core Values

Company decisions are grounded on these values and they guide our relationships with customers.
-Integrity & Professionalism.


The company has two Directors with Stephen Ngei Musyoka as the managing Director, Samson Kasanga as the co-Direcctor and a few other senior management staff.